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Hell yes Wiz, this song is speaking to me baybay!! Shosh is totes into Wiz Khalifa’s new album both, “Hope” and “Promises” are on repeat this week ya’ll. If you haven’t heard his new album, “Blacc Hollywood” — get after it.

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Shosh Takes Some “Me Time”

As I sit at the cafe down the street on a Saturday night, I can’t help but recognize how content I feel just doing my thing.

Let’s face it, we all sometimes feel that FOMO or pressure to “show face” when we really just want to curl up on the couch with a good book or watch a movie. Right? Throughout my transition from post college life to adult life, such as working full-time start-up hours with little down time, I’ve learned to really value my weekends and time to myself. I no longer care to give up my Saturday morning to being stuck in bed all day with a hangover – I’ve moved way past that. 

Additionally, I remember a point where all I wanted was to be an adult; I wanted to be a yuppie and work a real job in downtown San Francisco. I wanted to be like those women who walked down the street of the Financial District with their pencil skirts and Jimmy Choo’s looking like they’re going somewhere very important. Well let me tell you, I’ve gotten over that “idea” of what I should be doing and how I should look. I’ve had enough jobs that made me feel like I was sitting at a desk wasting away my twenties, to learn I’d rather follow my dreams than do that for ever.

That said, today I’m more curious about my time on earth, driven to follow my passion and determined to succeed. I just do what makes me happy because I’m following my own path — guess what, there’s no “right” path to choose. This reminds me of one of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes,

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” 

At almost 26, I’m out of the post college life and transitioning into my adult life. I’m still on an exciting path of personal exploration, but fuck, some days it feels like there’s a never-ending horizon of just the same shit, what else is going to happen?

There’s definitely a thin link between college life, fresh out of college, and being a yuppie or adult. But then what, what’s next until we’re 60 and old as fuck? Let me break it down for you:

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Yes Tinder, I’ll take your survey

As a Product Manager in training and avid dater, the email I just got from Tinder made my eyes light up!

Did I mention I love taking surveys? Especially Likert scale ones, NPS surveys are alright too but not my fave. You might think, “wtf that’s a weird thing to say.” It’s because I love feedback, both receiving and giving. Any time there’s room for improvement or an opportunity to iterate, I’ll take it, both personally and professionally. I also usually have a tone to say, so when there’s another medium to share my thoughts, I’m all over it.

Shosh’s brain when seeing the Tinder email: “Yes, Tinder I’ll take a potential new feature survey for you, I’ll take the shit outta your survey. And the timing couldn’t be any better.” I don’t just get hot and bothered for surveys, but this one hits home more than others; at work, I market our new features, in my personal life, I market myself and all my personal features, inside and out (oooh, I feel a metaphor coming on!) Anyway, I’ve never been more excited to fill out a survey in my life! And I’m sharing it with you all too.

Note: proving the survey link may or may not fuck up their results, because you should be a Tinder user to provide effective feedback. So please don’t fill it out unless you have at least one Tinder experience. Although, it’s Survey Monkey, they should enable a login lightbox so the survey taker has to log into the apps account before taking the survey to ensure proper results. That’s their bad… #newfeatureidea. 


The Real Shosh 

Don’t send me a fucking selfie

Check this story! So I’m messaging with a guy on Tinder – he’s pretty cute, he’s inquisitive, and things are going well overall. His Tinder photos were pretty normal, but when he shared his Instagram handle with me, things took a sudden turn. He had way too many selfies for a dude. I don’t even have that many! Not to mention, he has a ton of selfies with his dog, and it makes me wonder, where are all his friends and what does he do with his time? Then we move to text and all of a sudden, he’s sending me selfies! This is not OK, by any means. When he asked me on a date, I was hesitant to go. But let’s be clear; Shosh is pretty damn open minded and generally gives people the benefit of the doubt. So I said yes, even though I was pretty unenthused about the impending date.

Maybe I sound a little judgmental or nit-picky, I admit. To be fair, texting etiquette is a part of our culture as millennials. On the other hand, the way a person texts isn’t a deal breaker, but when it’s a new person and it’s all I have between him and me and a first date, I do take notice to the little things, including the frequency of his texts, his grammar, and his spelling, to name a few. Taking notice of these tiny details, pet peeves, or preferences are especially heightened if I’m feeling uncomfortable or turned off by the person via text communication and that’s all I have to base things on. And that is exactly what happened here.

Back to “selfie” guy.  At this point it has been a full day and I was already annoyed by his eagerness. I hadn’t had time (or cared much) to reply right away. But the dude just kept messaging me. This experience got me thinking, am I that turned off by the way he communicates that I’m considering canceling the date? What if he’s a really good, sweet guy? The truth is, I feel bad for the guy, I just want to tell him to not play all his cards right away and hang tight. Be cool!

I do believe there’s texting etiquette these days. Here are the “Do’s and Don’ts of Texting”, straight from Shosh’s Little Black Book: 

1. Don’t text me throughout the whole day unless we already have established a connection or have gone on at least a few dates.  

2. Do: if it’s been several days since we last saw each other or texted, reach out with something casual like, “Hope you had a nice weekend!” or “Hey, how are you? When are you free next?”

3. Don’t: fucking send me selfies!!! I still cringe when I see dudes taking them and being serious about it (unless he’s with chicks and making fun of himself or he’s in a ridiculous costume and drunk, then it’s okay).

4. Do: use emojis, but only when it’s appropriate. Don’t just drop a random smiley face or thumbs up at the end of the sentence; integrate them into your message in a creative way. 

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Shosh’s Top 10 Sexy Weekend Songs

While you’re just about to get your long weekend started, just know that Shosh has your sexy-time playlist covered! (In hopes that everyone has some sexy-time). For those going away with friends or significant others, or even those who are keeping it local and hot, these are for you!

I’m really into the below songs right now: from the ‘80 post disco, synth pop, and funk of Cherub to the blended electronics and indie guitar beats of Glass Animals, you really cannot go wrong with this weeks Top 10. I even threw in some sensual songs for those who appreciate the sultry vibes of pop-R&B. 

Glass Animals – Gooey

Autre Ne Veut – Ego Free Sex Free

Bondax – Gold

Cherub – Chocolate Strawberries

MØ – Dark Night

Sbtrkt – Wildfire (feat. Little Dragon)

Miguel – Adorn

Movement – Ivory

Ginuwine – Differences

Blood Orange – No Right Thing


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Do’s and Don’ts of The ACE Hotel Palm Springs

          The ACE Hotel Palm Springs is like Vegas for hipsters. 


Last weekend a group of close friends and I all came together to celebrate the birthday of one of my best friend’s from college. We booked a weekend getaway at the ACE hotel in Palm Springs, a place I’ve been dying to see. We were all thrilled to be together again, and after a cold SF Spring we were all ready for some Vitamin D.

Other than being with friends, I just loved people watching, the historic architecture was inspiring and the timelessness of the place was ideal for the setting. I kept thinking all weekend, “I’m never going to Vegas again (unless I’m getting treated like a fucking Princess or it’s my girls Bachelorette party).” The ACE was the perfect mixture of Vegas pool party (without the Guido’s) meets desert relaxation.


A short history lesson: The ACE is nested close by some funky fresh places, namely Joshua Tree, the Salton Sean and Salvation Mountain.

“Palm Springs’ evolution into a desert resort town began in the early 1900s. By the ’30s it had become catalyst for the desert modern style of architecture and design that proliferated throughout the West, but perhaps nowhere as much as in Palm Springs.”

“Our own home was built in the mid-60s as a desert modern extension of the Westward Ho chain and later lived as a Howard Johnson with an on-site Denny’s. It’s always been a family-friendly and fun place, inspired equally by its unchanging environmental surroundings and the ebb and flow of design and creative movements.”

I could only imagine what it was like in the 60’s with an on-site Denny’s and Hollywood types running that place. Oh sometimes I wish I was around in those days.


When San Francisco techy kids meet the ACE: We arrived late Friday night but that didn’t stop us from a late night pool party and hot tubing. Saturday consisted of following the Bday girl to the pool at 6:30am to claim our lounge chairs and sofa. Don’t blame her, she was on London time. The boys met us for breakfast and morning cocktails, might I add they’re called “Desert Facials,” and a few buckets o’ beer shortly followed. Throughout the day there was a plethora of activities and endless boozing. From games of ping-pong, a few sun-drenched interactions with new friends, to floating around on blow up toys shaped as Hello Kitty, we were having quiet a blast in the heat. Might I add, it was also Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

In looking back on a weekend of fun, there were definitely some things I learned about how to have an amazing time at a desert hotel like the ACE.

Read on to learn about the do’s and don’ts of a desert themed party:

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Springs #ACEhotel #sun #summer #picoftheday #babyjanetturnsgold

Springs #ACEhotel #sun #summer #picoftheday #babyjanetturnsgold

Shosh updates Tinder – V4.0.1 

Even Shosh needs a little break from the dating scene once and while. And at one point, Shosh did what her girlfriends do on a weekly basis - she deleted her Tinder.  

A month back, I had a few too many annoying encounters, fizzled out Matches, and even a Match that I thought I “fell for” and then it crashed and burned [he deserves his own post]. After that disaster, I wasn’t looking forward to any more swipes. But then, on the June 5th I read in TechCrunch that Tinder just released a new version - V4.0.1. My dreams for Tinder were coming true; none other than the CEO himself was finally announcing my hopes for Tinder. Sean Rad stated via TechCrunch, “Tinder wants to be the place you go to make any connection, whether that be friendship or romance.” I’ve always felt like it was awkward matching with guys I thought were cool or interesting just by the looks of their photos but who I wasn’t completely attracted to them. So now with the new update and the comments from Sean, I hope Tinder succeeds in its pivot to a general “meeting” app.   

Shortly after I read the TechCrunch article, the download began and my eyes were glued to my iPhone. Initially, I was a little upset. The update seemed a little cluttered at first but was easy to navigate. Despite my initial hesitations, I enjoyed exploring the new version, which includes something called “Moments.” How Moments work: you take a photo, which will then be broadcasted to all your matches. Your matches can view your Moments by swiping right to “like” it or left to “nope,” just like profiles.  The photos will then expire in 24 hours.

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#shosh pick for this Monday’s #mcm @scotteastwood #photooftheday #handsome #swag #hot #boys #instagood #shoshsays #dude

#shosh pick for this Monday’s #mcm @scotteastwood #photooftheday #handsome #swag #hot #boys #instagood #shoshsays #dude

#shosh’s first work #selfie #TGIF #therealshosh #picoftheday #worklife #tech #SF #startup #friday

#shosh’s first work #selfie #TGIF #therealshosh #picoftheday #worklife #tech #SF #startup #friday

Shosh Plays Tastemaker - dMondaine


LINGERIE: The ladies love it and so do their men. I’m a big fan of sensual silks and handcrafted lace fabrics, so when dMondaine approached me to be featured as one of their ladies on “Tastemakers Tuesdays,” I knew I had to get my paws all over their silky garbs! 

One of my favorite questions from the dMondaine Q&A was the question,“Why do you love your shape?” I answered:

Because I’m bite sized. Jokes! I love my shape most when I feel strong and toned. Strong, healthy looking women are the ‘new skinny.’ Runway model skinny is so out!”

As we all know, our bodies start to change as we age and before we know it our boobs are down to the floor. Of course cosmetic surgery is an option to help some of these “imperfections.” Aside from this, I come from the school of thought that teaches us to treat our bodies like a temple because it’s the only one we’ve got. I prefer to love the skin I’m in today and give it the nutrients and vitality it needs to be strong and healthy, which can only prolong the aging effects that are so inevitable. 

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Lipstick Diaries

San Francisco is a wonderful place to live; the culture, the arts, the food, and even the weather isn’t too shabby either. But let’s be real - most people here aren’t the most fashion conscious. I’m going to just say it: if you’re in fashion in SF, it’s child’s play compared to the inspiring style that comes out of NYC and LA. Even ask San Francisco’s most chic author, Danielle Steel. In a May 2011 interview with Refinery29, Steel comments on Bay Area style: 

"There’s no style, nobody dresses up—you can’t be chic there. It’s all shorts and hiking books and Tevas—it’s as if everyone is dressed to go on a camping trip. I don’t think people really care how they look there; and I look like a mess when I’m there, too.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Steele’s comments about the lack of San Francisco style. It’s important to give a fuck sometimes ladies and gents. Yep, I said it, San Francisco!

Ladies, it’s okay to style a fully put together outfit in the morning. It’s okay to blow dry your hair sometimes or change up your usual do. It’s okay to wear lipstick and high heels on a random Wednesday. And it’s okay to follow trends you like. Don’t be afraid to mix and match high-end with low-end, vintage inspired outfits with a modern touch or even mix classic with rocker if you want. Just do something interesting. Inspire us!

For you men out there, it’s okay to wear a belt and a collard shirt some days too, you know. It’s okay to brush your hair and trim your nose hair. It’s okay to have your own style. Buy some nice straight leg Selvedge denim and long lasting leather shoes. I’m not saying don’t be yourself, I’m just saying to give it some effort (and there are plenty of ways in SF to do this without breaking the bank). Read a fashion blog once in your life, for heavens sake! Every person should know The Sartorialist. Why not put some effort into your style? The Real Shosh does, and it feels so good to love what’s in my closet:

The Beyonce booty shorts (yet to be worn)


I’m not scared to be fashionably honest with my friends, the guys I date, and most importantly, myself.  I know people in the Financial District look at me funny when I wear pink flower pants, a leather jacket and topknot. I know I sometimes sound like a ditz when I get excited about clothes, or anything fort hat matter.

I also know people roll their eyes at me when I talk about my dating escapades. Boys may be turned off by my vulgar mouth and sexual innuendoes. But I don’t really give a fuck most of the time.

Let’s also take a look at Zosia Mamet’s bold real life style. Was it a fashionable accident Zosia was cast to play Shoshanna? I definitely don’t think so! Both Zosia and her character Shoshanna know how to make a statement with unique outfits and hairstyles because both are willing to be themselves in all things they do.

Shoshanna is not scared to rock a wacky side braid or a doughnut on the top of her head if she feels like it. And Zosia chopped off her long luscious locks on a whim, and looks great. Shoshanna does a preppy style most days but her hair poses a nice contradiction to her East Coast preppy floral skirts and pink Polos. Zosia is pretty confident and likes to take fashion risks; her style is definitely one of the more bold and inspirational styles out of all the actresses on the show. She has a pretty complex style and pulls off many trends well, such as bright colored bell-bottoms, bold reds and cut outs, leather, tomboy hipster-chic, and paisley pants.

Here are some of my favorite Shoshanna hairstyles and Zosia fashion statements:

Shoshanna Shapiro 



Zosia Mamet




The Real Shosh 

Quote Of The Day

"Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with." - Carrie Bradshaw


Say it, sista!

The above quote from Carrie is a reminder for me that no matter how long I will be single for or how many relationships I have in my lifetime, that I must always check in with myself and make sure I’m following my dreams and living the life that I choose to live. And that my time is precious — so is yours, so is his and so is hers. Furthermore, I’m also consciously practicing to “date with intention,” which means to be mindful of the people I choose to surround myself with and let into my life. 

Lastly, I’ve always been skeptical of people who are relationship jumpers, meaning they’ve spent more time in longterm relationships than being independent and alone. I personally think some people don’t give themselves enough alone time to reflect on their experiences. I prefer to take the mistakes and lessons I learned and use those experiences to transform myself into a better me for future relationships. Having “me time” in between relationships is also a great reminder that I don’t need another person to survive and I can make it just fine on my own. Most importantly, I’ve learned to always follow my truth, my heart, and my instincts, because when someone really special comes along, I’ll truly know it. 



My first #throwbackthursday to GIRLS Season 1: Shosh smokes crack, by accident and is hilarious! I die. 


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